The 2-Minute Rule for Church of Scientology

And here is a tiny peek into Mike Rinder’s record of currently being forced or the undue influence, in the narcissistic manner of Scientology.

Keep up The great get the job done and will you and Leah the two be blessed for this do the job from this evil cult. Like to you each. Meisha

John, the sole suckers they can get are those who don’t understand how to use Google. There isn't any new people today coming in. More and more now, it’s just old timers redoing purif, Student Hat & the RRD……..for the 3rd or fourth or fifth time. Critically! It really sucks getting Scientologists.

I am so impressed using this type of show! I begun watching thanks to Leah, nevertheless the people you may have experienced about the exhibit have actually touched me and I think I have cried on each episode. Lastly, I really need to say a little something about Mike Rinder. Your silent strength has actually been a priviledge to view, truely.

Observing this final present for the 2nd time and looking out back again it took me a long time to take care of gays and psychologists humanely as I was so indoctrinated which they had been evil. In 1992/1993 I satisfied that has a gay Instructor and I built a disparaging remark to another Instructor that received reported on the Administration that still left me uninvited to The college!

Including the torso queen, early beginnings of what we now phone spirit cooking and table for 2? Also the Area organizations suspended elevation crafts only for the devil’s playground?

Quite eye opening, thank you for the personal risks you’ve taken plus the accuracy of the Visit This Link demonstrate. I am completely fascinated by these stories, never realized of these abuses as well as the constant pounding for money.

Energy and support to all of you. You are performing an awesome work and I hope you don't quit or falter.

Now about Islam and Scientology: I've reverted to Islam as being a Sufi and it has been a terrific detail for me. I have ultimately observed my peace and contentment inside of a faith. I can tell you being an ex-Scientologist that Farakhan has dropped his head. There isn't any way the tech can mesh with the inner workings of Islam mostly as Resources it blames you for almost everything that occurs in your life which undermines the purpose of Allah’s will in your life.

And they each died – faithful to Hubbard. They equally dropped their families, For some time at a time. I really feel like I’m planning to toss up. Significantly. The psychological, neurological and Daily life destruction accomplished by Hubbard is typically a lot more than I may take.

You did this the proper way and it’s creating a difference in lots of lives. Just examining what Every person thinks on this website is helping me greater than I am able to say. So thank you to all responders too.

it can be HUMAN to fail, right here human to dread, human to help make some genuinely definitely negative decisions and do issues we aren’t pleased with — BUT scientology guarantees that THE NEXT STEP is likely to make you whole/perfect/excellent.

Mike is devoting a bulk of his time righting wrongs. I have nothing but respect for him. We imagined we had been conserving the earth. Foolish thetans.

Unfortunately, that I’m a lot better than you way of thinking isn’t observed just in cults. I’m a Christian and possess observed it in a great deal of Christian corporations. It is that damaged human aspect of us that wishes to generally be excellent to another person, everyone.

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